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Partner with Spokn to transform your older evergreen content into listenable audio with global reach.

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Expand your content lifespan

Your older, evergreen content is still relevant and interesting to audiences. But older content is usually much harder to discover. Our users are served the best content from publishers up front, no matter when it was published.

Increase content consumption

64% of Americans listen to online radio and 44% of Americans have listened to an audiobook. Why not make your articles listenable too? Our users listen to publishers' content while they're on the go, enabling them to consume content even when they don't have time to read.

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Reach a global audience

Topics like health, parenting, business, and science are universal. But often a publisher's audience is restricted to just a few countries. Spokn's users are curious, knowledge-hungry people from all over the world. We help them discover content like yours that will benefit their lives.

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